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About Us

My name is Alex and I am the founder and owner of Flooring Installation, Inc. Having been in the tile industry since 2002, I possess over 20 years of professional experience. With a strong background in this field, I made the decision to establish my own business, Flooring Installation, Inc. As the founder, I take personal responsibility for ensuring the provision of top-notch quality work and therfore, I will be personally involved in either conducting or supervising your projects.

Flooring Installation Inc. provides a wide range of flooring and tiling services. We are equipped to handle not only flooring projects, but also offer tiling services in kitchen backsplash areas and fireplaces. We are also fully capable of performing repairs on walls, tiles, and showers.


Our impressive portfolio can be viewed in detail on our products menu. If you require a specific service that is not showcased in our portfolio, we are more than willing to explore the possibilities with you. We prioritize customer satisfaction and guarantee it for all our projects.

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